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Workshops with invited guest teachers and performers are organized in order to learn new dance styles, to provide inspiration and further education and knowledge within our dance community.

My past guests were e.g.: Eglal, Galeb, Inci (DE), Maral (SYR/DE), Miroslav Čipera, Mohamed Hassan (EG/DE), Mona, Sahar,
Said el Amir, Osama Mimi Farag (EG/CZ), Perla Elias Nemer, Warda (RUS/CZ).

NEW workshops :



10,00 – 12,00 WS 1) EMOTIONS IN DANCE
Using your gestures, expression and body language you translate the music to your audience. Let´s discover how to clearly show to a spectator what you dance.

12,15 – 14,15 WS 2) STORY BOARD IN DANCE
To dance with a good technique and to use matching emotions in a right moment of your choreo and/or impro is great but to build a visual story will help your audience to understand what you perform. The story board is also a great key for you to better remember your choreo.

15,00 – 17,00 WS 3) SAFETY KIT - WHAT IF…? 
You are ready to perform, your technique, choreo, costume, accessories and/or props are ready. You enter the stage, you dance…. and unexpected issues happend. How to handle different „troubles“ without showing the audience that something does not go the right way?

19,00 HAFLA

SUNDAY 20.10.
10,00 – 12,00 WS 4) POP LYRICAL CHOREO

12,30 – 14,30 WS 5) FREEDOM YOUR DANCE
Guided improvisation.

Prices: Early-bird prices for ws packages valid until 19th September, then full price (means multiples of the price 1 ws).
5 ws = 135 €
3 ws =  80 €
1 ws =  30 €

Registration HERE

All workshops are for all level dancers.
Let´s try something new and enjoy dance and time together.

Please, register to all workshops and events in time.
You will ensure your spot and we can guarantee

organizing of workshops, projects and events. 
Thank you for respecting organizational and payment terms.