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Regular classes are taught in Beroun and Pilsen towns. The classes are held in a quite and friendly atmosphere, the emphasis is put on a good posture with a healthy practice of all movements. My attempt is an individual approach to every dancer.

Every woman regardless her age or weight can dance. Every woman is a particular. Let’s try the bellydance, take your time to accept new movements, to get used to your body, discover the dancer inside of you and awaken your feminity. The dance is the most natural movement for women.

Actual classes :

Beroun classes

Pilsen classes

Individual classes


Levels of the classes:
beginners 1+2 – the classes for new beginners or those who start again and again. You will adopt basic technique, movements and its connections in simple combinations.
intermediate – new steps to already known basics are added, short combinations practice, technique refinement and space use are done.
advanced – advanced and complicated steps in combinations, technique refinement and space use but also dance with props are ready for you.
dance variations – advanced combinations of different dance styles but also refinement of the dance and technique, space use improvement. Every class is focused at the different topic.

An integral part of every class is a rhytmics as well as the warm-up and the final cool down.

Courses contain 15 classes and are organized in the autumn, from September to January and at the spring, from February till May. Particular missed classes may be replaced at any time in any other class.




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